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Sexual Ethics

  Terms of Reference & Membership
  Terms of Reference


Refine guidelines and tasks that address sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace and in the church environment of the North American Division.

    Recommend to NADCOM.
Implement policies and guidelines which convey the consistent language that there will be prompt and serious treatment of accusations; negative sexual behavior will not be tolerated; complainants will be protected from reprisal; and offenders will be disciplined.

  Recommend to NADCOM.
Develop a procedure for receiving and handling complaints that will clarify how to conduct initial meetings with the complainant, alleged offender, local church or calling body and include follow up and follow through.

  Recommend to NADCOM.
Develop a training program that educates employees about what constitutes sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct; what members/employees should or should not do; what these abuses cost the church; and that it is God's intent that all men, women, and children have worth an dignity in all relationships with God and others.

  Recommend to NADCOM.
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