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Congregational Diversity Evaluation

  1. Does your congregation have a mission statement that reflects a commitment to inclusion? If so, is it comprehensive? If not, how could one be developed?
  2. Does your congregation have a diversity initiative? If so, what are the goals and how is your congregation meeting them? If not, what could your congregation do to start a diversity initiative?
  3. Does your conference's employee recruitment, application and interviewing policies and procedures foster an inclusive workplace? If not, how could this be changed?
  4. Are people of all cultures represented in leadership positions in your congregation?
  5. Does the language used during your congregation's worship services reflect a commitment to end bias, bigotry, and racism?
  6. What type of programmatic efforts has your congregation made to promote racial justice and equality (i.e., congregational exchanges, social service projects, cultural activities, discussion groups, internal committees, coalition partnerships, policy changes, etc.)
  7. In general, what percentage of your congregation is involved in such programs? How could the congregation get more people involved?
  8. What is your congregation doing to promote diversity among youth? How could your efforts be expanded or improved?
  9. Is your congregation's religious education curriculum reviewed for racial bias?
  10. Does your congregation commit time and financial resources to support other groups fighting racism?
  11. Is your congregation known for not tolerating biased community practices, policies and procedures?
  12. What is the most pressing race-related issue that your congregation needs to address internally? Within your community? How can your congregation most effectively address these issues?
  13. What has been the overall response to your racial justice efforts?

    *Revised from the National Conference for Community
    and Justice's Faith Leaders Initiative


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