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The Race Summit Committeeconsists of twelve individuals that represent the racial and gender compositions of the North American Division. The administrative team are three: two co-chairs (representing the two largest racial groups), and a secretary, who is the director of the Office of Human Relations. The Committee operates under the following Terms of Reference.

  Terms of Reference & Membership
  Terms of Reference


Identify racial barriers within the Church which contribute to distrust and disunity.
    Power to Act.
Identify Christian methods of resolving racial conflict and preventing cultural tension through education, love, and diplomacy.
  Power to Act.
Identify specific manifestations of racism in the church, (personally, culturally, and institutionally).
  Power to Act.
Recommend specific strategies for dismantling racism through consciousness raising, education, advocacy, or activism.
  Power to Act.
5 Recommend a replicable methodology for social change with specific, manageable, and realistic goals that will encourage a new level of unity within the North American Division.     Power to Act.
6 Recommend on-going strategies for improving race relations within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.     Power to Act.


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