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D-80 Sexual Misconduct

Download the model procedures booklet (adobe .pdf): SEXUAL MISCONDUCT IN CHURCH RELATIONSHIPS (updated 09/24/04)-- Involving Denominational Employees and Volunteers

Implementation Procedures for Administrators of Sexual Misconduct Policy

  1. Compare your organization's sexual misconduct policies and guidelines with the Sexual Misconduct Policy of the North American Division and process internal revisions wherever necessary. (Organizations using the NAD Policy in its entirety must have them voted by their Executive Committee.)
  2. Disseminate copies of the Policy to staff and have them sign that they have obtained a copy.
  3. Appoint an individual to serve as the designated officer of the organization. (Some organizations appoint a male and a female and encourage staff to lodge complaints with individual with whom they feel more comfortable.)
  4. Appoint a Sexual Ethics Committee.
  5. Make it clear to the staff who the Disciplinary Committee is. (Generally the Executive Committee of the conference or board of the local church).
  6. Assure staff that there will be no reprisals against persons who complain of sexual misconduct.
  7. Report names of individuals found to have more than likely committed the sexual offense to the North American Division according to the requirements of the Negligent Hiring Prevention Tracking System.
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