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The Race Summit Committee, Human Relations Advisory, and NAD Executive Officers and Union Presidents have approved the following activities as those that will take place in preparation for Summit II, 2004. That:

  1. Each union develop at least one major initiative that will address race relations within their territory and monitor that initiative in order that a progress report can be shared at Summit II.
  2. An educational training experience be scheduled within each union to prepare leadership for the change.
  3. A Guide be prepared by the Office of Human Relations that will include suggestions that will aid the unions and conferences in conducting conversations on race in their territories.
  4. An accountability system be put in place to ensure that all unions and conferences are participating in the Division's Race Initiative.
  5. A list of must-read" books be prepared and made a part of the educational program for union and conference leadership.
For more information regarding Summit II in 2004, please contact the Office of Human Relations now and its Web site beginning January 31, 2003.

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